Saturday, January 01, 2005

Time Flies - Happy New Year

It is hard to believe that nearly a month has past since I last blogged. Lots of work and year end crunch. Parties with friends and Dickens Faire (yes I went in costume and won a hall costume prize). Madly scrambling to finish the holiday shopping only to find that the family events were to encompass twice as many people so scrambled for more presents. A marathon wrapping session with lots of help - both the useful kind - the husband, and the fun kind - 2 cats. Then on to prep for 12th Night.

On the needlework side, my next column for Needlepoint Now is due today and the last will hit the magazine stands this week, I hope. Writing it was easy and it is a subject I enjoy - Elizabethan Slips. A friend gave me pics of some that she had done for the visual interest. The project is an insert for a key chain fob. Since I want some detail on the flower, I think I'm going with 40 count gauze and silk. Need to stitch it today to see if my vision and chart work.

The creative process is interesting. Sometimes I start with an idea and just stitch. Other times I draft it on the computer and then stitch it. Don't know why one or the other works -- or doesn't work as the case may be. The colors will be ones I have around. Since I like doing roses, I have lots of appropriate colors in silks in my stash. I didn't really understand about stash until a couple years ago. Before I just had what I needed for projects. I did understand UFOs, but then I was raised with lots of them. But stash is different. I joined a "birthday club" of needleworkers around the world. I had fun buying stuff and getting stuff. Slowly my stash grew. One lady even shared some of her stash so I could try a particular type of silk on a project - 10 whole skeins worth! Stash is a GOOD THING.

Now down to stitching and indulgence. We received the Lord of the Rings Return of the King extended edition for Christmas. Needless to say, we need to review the other 2, in extended edition first. Our very own LOTR marathon since we don't do the bowl games. Of course we did start the year with the Rose Parade - commercial free, pancakes, sausage, and coffee - and of course 2 cats in the sun.

Hope you have a healthy happy 2005.

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