Friday, January 21, 2005

More Students Hooked

Home from Alaska with a miserable cold - I hate being sick. It was cold. Colder than expected. The weather report suggested that it would be in the 20's during the day and teens at night. I think the high was 16. Despite the cold it was a great trip. Good friends. Real interest in needlework and it was my privilege to teach and inspire a few of them.

The event was at a senior center an hour and half out of Anchorage - north out of Anchorage. We were lodged at a motel connected to a bar and semi-food place. Unfortunately they don't really have no smoking rooms -- something about a central air intake... Oh well - at least the rooms were warm and they had their own in room facilities.

The event was over 200 people and they feed us 3 meals Saturday, 3 Sunday and 2 on Monday. Evening meals were sit down feasts. Saturday was some court and the fighting. Yes outside in the snow - temperature around zero. Sunday was Lucet I and then lots of court. Unfortunately court and meetings ran over so Lucet II was put off to Monday. Fortunately Their Majesties took pity on us and let us sit in chairs behind them during the long court. Monday ran Lucet II and Pulled Work back to back. Think I've converted all my student to lucet and pulled work [insert big grin]. Came home with 3 of the 8 lucets the husband, dear husband, made up for me to teach the class. Someday I'll learn not to sell off all the teaching tools.

Sunday night was a wonderful and rare experience. The Aurora Borealis was putting on a great show. Light streaking the sky in pale yellow and green. Tornados of light. And then RED in a huge wave across part of the sky. It is really rare to see red.

Home on Tuesday evening around 8 pm - a couple hours late due to flight delays. All the bags made it up and back with us this time. Talked to some of the people from Fairbanks. They'd like to have me up for their Labor Day event to teach so we shall see what can be arranged.

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