Tuesday, January 11, 2005

On to more teaching and learning

Managed to both survive 12th Night - 18 hours on my feet and enjoy the experience. The event went smoothly once everything was set up and underway. Stepped down from Kingdom Arts and Needleworkers Guild Minister. Of course I will still be around to help with the Arts stuff. They don't call me Arts Babe for nothing. As the former Guild Minister, I became Guild Patron. As Patron, I'll continue to help in a number of different capacities; primarily overseeing several projects. Everyone wanted to know what I was going to do with all my "free" time. Ha! What free time?????????

Off to Alaska for 5 days. It is their 20th Anniversary of becoming a Principality and I was there 20 years ago so.... They are so hungry to learn so I'm teaching 3 classes - Basic Lucet - Square and Flat Braid, Beyond Basic Lucet - 2 colors and Beads, and Pulled Work. Haven't taught the lucet classes for a year so updated the handouts. Haven't taught the pulled work class for a couple years. Took one look at the handout and said -- yuck! So have spent the last couple days frantically redoing the piece. It went from 4 pages to 8 and I chose some different stitches. I really only want to do stuff that is documentable to before 1650. Very limiting. Most of the whitework was drawn thread, cutwork or needlelace -- and then bobbin lace (not needlework so not within the Needleworkers Guild - it is Arachne's Web which is a different guild). Found enough to do a 4-6 hour workshop. Many many thanks to Linn Skinner for doing the charts for me. I don't do PC and the only stitch charting programs are PC. Should be fun. Now all I need to do is decide what I want the students to do - a design or just doodle cloth. Decisions decisions decisions.

When I come back, then we get ready to have Linn come up for a weekend and teach Advance Goldwork. I can't wait. I'm really looking forward to learning more Goldwork stuff. I've even signed up for one of the Royal School of Needlework classes in April. All I need to do now is book my flight to Des Moines.

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