Monday, August 08, 2005

Designing Classes for Fairbanks/Oertha

The people/ladies primarily, in Fairbanks are paying for me to come up and teach. I'm very flattered needless to say. The husband is also going and has been persuaded to "teach" 2 classes - splicing/finishing ends of ropes and the monkeys fist knot. I'm doing between 5 - 7 classes, I think.

So lots to do - design the class, do the handout, get the materials, etc. I've gotten some input and need to finalize the details. The knowledge levels are very mixed, especially in the Fairbanks area. Some of the people get to classes in Anchorage and some don't. Some know which end of the needle goes into the fabric and some do lace. Wide span to cater to as well as interests.

Back to the grind stone.

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