Sunday, August 07, 2005

SOOOOOOOOO very hard to choose

Between all my other projects, I'm putting together my 50th Birthday party.
Hall - reserved and paid for. We are at the one where we got married. It has a large wooden dance floor.
DJ - done. It was important to find someone who understood all the dance types.
Food - we are keeping it good but reasonably simple finger food. Between Cosco and on-line gourmet places...
Invitations -- been handing them out and am doing a mass email/pdf.
Decorations -- keep it simple. Disposable stuff (helps with clean up) and some vases of flowers.

The really hard part is the music. We are doing a dance through time and you can only play so much music in the time allotted. Been going through all my cds and old tapes to choose my favorites. Needless to say it is very hard to choose. Then again I LOVE disco. Yes I know, but I lived in NY at the height of Disco and cleared the floors with my partner. But lets be honest, not everyone likes disco. A mix of rock and disco for the last hour or so. But what to choose. So very very hard.

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