Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Keeping Up to Date

Whew! Sorry not to post more often, but as you know from prior posts I've been runing fast. This will be a short report --

Purgatorio - made 4 wire brooches for the contest and won. Yes I'll post pics as soon as I can. For those keeping count, this is my 5th win. I've entered 7 contests, but since I did double entries on 2, I have qualified for the Poppy. Won't know who wins the Poppy until at least Oct Crown. Also made Spelt Bread for the Food for the Peasant. Didn't win, but the judges liked the entry. Tasted good too :)

Preparation for Oertha - Barony of Winters Gate Captaincy and Collegium continues. The classes I'm teaching are:
Entering Kingdom Level Competitions (handouts done)
Overview to 16th C. Embroidery - handout done - not a separate class, but the common jump point for each class
Lace a Slate Frame, Scroll Frame or Stretcher Bars (handout done)
Blackwork Bands (handout almost done)
Raised Stitches - Detached Buttonhole, Trellis, Hollie Point (redid Oct Crown '04 handout)
Plaited Braid and other Plaits - scanning and research done
Interlace Braids - scanning and research done
Finishing - Hemstitching and Needlelace Edgings - scanning and research done
Will try and finish the handouts today -- sigh. Will probably do the samples onsite or Friday since I have all Fri (we fly Thursday night). Probably will have large part of Saturday morning too to stitch.

Column - research done. Project charted and half way stitched. Need to focus to write which is difficult with so much else going on. A friend did up 2 examples so will scan them for the column. Due Sept 1

Plus we have tickets for Wicked on Wed afternoon (wooo hoooo!)
-- okay back to doing the handouts

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