Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Lots to Share

Whew! Hard to believe it was less than a week. Drove to LA on Wednesday last. Thursday - up early to go to the Tut exhibit. It was different than the prior ones in San Francisco and London. This was more from other finds and a little from Tut's tomb. It was good to learn more about that time period of Egypt's history. Just a little disappointing from the "wow" you'd expect from Tut's stuff. The gold coffin was his aunt's and not nearly as fine as his. The gold items and jewelery from Tut's tomb was VERY spectacular -- just very few items. No coffins. No headdresses. No masks. Basically as little as they could have and still call it Tut.

Then over to Linn's for lunch. As a special treat, I got to peruse The Library. After lunch off to the Getty. They were doing a couple interesting exhibits and then of course there is the store. Picked up some good books, but we were relatively conservative since we were off to Costume College. Then back to Linn's neighberhood for dinner at Dharma Ghreb. It was okay. The conversation was better than the food.

Friday - Saturday - Sunday was Costume College -- classes all day in lots of costuming areas. And the marketplace is sinful mostly for the books and little things that are hard to find -- like good buttons. The classes were mixed some good information and some where the "teacher" spouted old wives tales. We have been doing this now for MANY years and it is hard to get beyond the basic and even intermediate level classes. A couple presenters were very good, but...don't know if there is sufficient value for us to go back. The best value really was in seeing and learning from people who are out of our geographic area. Re-enactors tend to copy from one another and it was good to be exposed to new faces and new focuses of research.

Saturday evening was the Time Travelers Ball. It used to be that they did music from all eras and usually in some time related order. Not this time. Nor were there many waltzes. Lots of modern - well the last 35 years modern. Husband wore a tux since that is what fit. I wore a saphire blue velvet (silk) dress with lots of "wicca" style blue accessories. The theme was Morgana's Ball so... Fun dinner companions. Food - just okay. Ate too much all weekend, but then the bread was the best thing they offered.

Sunday evening out with friends Walter and Sheila. He runs LAHA. Husband has know them for many years and lots of iterations of reenactment. Good evening with friends.

Monday up relatively early to drive north. Stopped in San Louis Obispo to pick up a cat tree. It looks like a tree made from carpet - this one is about 5'. The top has a bucket and there are 2 large platforms as well. We have been trying to get a larger one with 2 buckets, but after waiting and not getting what we wanted, this will work. Then on to the Mom in-laws for lunch and a visit. Then home around 8 pm. The cats were happy to see us and took turns sleeping on thebed last night.

Today was catchup. I'm not yet, but... Saw this a couldn't resist. Too true. Actually - it should be a roll of cd's -- lots of information and most indepth, but... ah well.

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